Waiting Is Not Forever (for ages 4-7)

Waiting Is Not Forever (for ages 4-7)

Series: Best Behavior® Series, Book 20
Genre: Ages 4-7
Tags: anxiety, behavior, feelings, nonfiction, stress, waiting
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback
Length: 40 pages
Illustrator: Marieka Heinlen
ISBN: 9781631984693

Waiting is frustrating. And when kids want something, they want it now. This book helps children learn patience, calm, and delayed gratification.

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About the Book

Children spend much of their time waiting. They wait in line, for their turn on the slide, or for their birthday. And now, many are stuck at home waiting for life to get back to “normal.” Learning to be patient and to develop self-control takes many of us all our lives. Give children a head start by using this book for greater success in school and in social settings. Children will learn to delay gratification and to make waiting more fun without always relying on electronics. Includes colorful illustrations and simple strategies to replace whining words with waiting words: “This will be worth the wait!”

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