Tears Are Not Forever (board book)

Tears Are Not Forever (board book)

Series: Best Behavior® Series, Book 12.2
Genres: Bilingual (English-Spanish), Board Book, En Español
Tags: anxiety, behavior, feelings, nonfiction, sadness, stress, tears
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Board Book
Length: 24
Illustrator: Marieka Heinlen
ASIN: 1631986902
ISBN: 9781631986901

Toddlers cry for many reasons: sadness, frustration, disappointment. Reassuring text and colorful illustrations show that crying is okay because it helps us cope with big feelings.

About the Book

Tears Are Not Forever explains that crying has a purpose—to show others you may need help. This book can sooth an upset child, while also giving families positive language to use during stressful moments. A special section for caregivers reinforces the message that tears are a natural, normal response to strong emotions. Tips suggest ways to help toddlers handle big feelings at home and in childcare.

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