Toddler Tools® Series

Help toddlers through daily transitions and build routines that make your days—and nights—go more smoothly.

Daily transitions and routines can be a challenge for any toddler, as well as parents and caregivers. These positive books can help ease the many trying “times” that are a part of every toddler’s day. Share them before (or during) the desired “time,” or whenever toddlers need encouragement with routines.

“Perfectly attuned to the smallest readers.” —School Library Journal

Bedtime/ ¡A dormir!
Bye-Bye Time
Bye-Bye Time / Momento de la despedida
Calm-Down Time
Calm-Down Time / Momento para calmarse
Clean-Up Time
Clean-Up Time / Momento de arreglar
Listening Time
Listening Time / Momento para escuchar
Manners Time
Manners Time / Los buenos modales
Mealtime / ¡A comer!
Messy Time
Messy Time / ¡A ensuciarse!
Naptime / ¡A dormir la siesta!
On-the-Go Time
On-the-Go Time / ¡A salir!
Sharing Time
Sharing Time / Tiempo para compartir
Try-Again Time
Try-Again Time / ¡A intentarlo de nuevo!
Wiggly Time