Downloadable Activity Sheets

Peep Leap

When I visit classrooms, I point out cool facts about wood ducks: the differences in the feathers of males and females, the unusual “non-quacking” sounds wood ducks make, and how the babies are like little puffs of fluff, because their bones are still soft and their wings don’t work yet. My activity sheets are reproducible so have fun doing a maze and word search, coloring feathers, and making bookmarks!

Bike & Trike

Meet my newest buddies: Bike and Trike. Pedal-pedal-pedal! Who will be the winner on wheels? Share the coloring sheet with your kids and students, as well as the bike safety tips featuring all of the book characters. And don’t forget to wear a helmet!

Small Walt

Walt may be small, but he’ll show them all he can do a good job. His determination—and driver Gus—will see him through the toughest winter storms. In this reproducible activity set, Small Walt fans can find their way through a maze, color Small Walt (and give him something to say), and design their own snowplow. Have a little wintry fun!

Small Walt and Mo the Tow

Small Walt makes a new friend in the book Small Walt and Mo the Tow. You’ve probably guessed who that is: Mo the Tow Truck! Together, these two trucks make a ruckus, and they help each other with goals. You can set a goal yourself, using this reproducible activity sheet.

Remember, Walt has little chants or cheers in each of his books, so he can encourage himself to get the job done. (My name is Walt/I plow and I salt/They say I’m small/but I’ll show them all.) You can cheer yourself on by coming up with a Power Phrase to write down on the road that goes from START to FINISH. But first, fill in the road signs using these instructions:

How to do the Activity Sheet:

  1. Write your GOAL. A goal is something you will try to do or achieve.
  2. Set a date to start.
  3. Ask a helper to help.
  4. Write how you feel about your goal.
  5. Plan the steps you need to take.
  6. See START on that road to success? Fill it with your Power Phrase. Now, go-go-go!

Sample Power Phrases:

I’ve set my goal, and I’m ready to roll!

I’ve got heart, and I’m ready to start!

I’ll do my best on the road to sucess!

Yours can rhyme or not rhyme—it’s up to you.

Small Walt Spots Dot

Walt and his driver Gus are plowing a parking lot when the see—whoa! What’s that? A blur of fur! Pup on the loose!

In this reproducible activity set, Small Walt fans can draw their favorite thing to do in the snow, find their way through a maze, match the driver to their vehicle, navigate a maze, color Small Walt’s new family, and spot the correct Dot. Loads of snow-filled fun!