Bike & Trike

Bike & Trike

Genre: Picture Books
Tags: fiction, story, transportation
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Hardcover Picture Book, Ebook
Length: 48 pages
Illustrator: Brian Biggs
ASIN: 1534415173
ISBN: 9781534415171

Look out, world! There’s a shiny new Bike in town. But what does this mean for rusty old Trike?

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About the Book

Toy Story meets Cars in this sweet and relatable story that explores universal themes of friendship and growing up.

Trike is a rusty little fellow, a trusty little fellow, on three worn-down wheels. Now that Lulu has outgrown him, he’s lonely in the garage. But then a newcomer shows up. He’s shiny and big and has FOUR wheels. It’s BIKE! Gulp. Trike worries that Bike won’t know how to take care of Lulu. Bike won’t listen, and challenges Trike to a race. It’s ON!

Who will win?

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Bike & Trike
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A battered old tricycle and a new bike make friends—but not without hitting a few bumps in the road.

Lulu and Trike have been together for years…but Lulu keeps getting bigger, and one day a brand-new birthday bike sails into the garage: “Watch this trick,” he crows, popping a wheelie and zooming through Hula Hoop. Ignoring Trike’s cautions about safety (“Aw, back off, old-timer”), Bike proposes a riderless race to the nearby woods. And so they’re off, with Trike struggling to keep up (“You can DO this,” he tells himself, “for Lulu and the way the two of us flew”). Then, seeing Bike careening heedlessly toward a cliff, Trike selflessly puts on an extra burst of speed to head off disaster with a mighty collision. “I guess I have a lot to learn,” says penitent Bike, and back to the garage they go, “two winners on wheels.” Verdick tells the tale in a characteristic mix of exuberant sound effects and euphonic phrasing, with short sentences making the relatively high page count fly. Along with kitting out shiny Bike with splendid streamers, lights, training wheels, and even a horn, Biggs pairs Lulu at the end with an equally thrilled little brother (both white) just the right size for a hand-me-down.

Everyone’s indeed a winner here, and the subtle message about safety consciousness is likewise right on track. (Picture book. 4-7)
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